Voahangy is a visual artist and citizen of the world. This site invites you into her colorful world and displays some of her paintings on canvas but also on clothes, jewelry and ceramics.

Enjoy your visit!


Marie-Voahangy Ramariavelo Grenier was born in Paris the 25th of March, 1957.

She grew up mostly in Madagascar and North Africa and then traveled to Scandinavia and South America before attending college in Europe.

She became a lower school teacher in 1984 and taught in France, Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and Houston, Texas, at the Awty International School.


I’m essentially self-taught and my paintings are influenced by the many environments I have experienced throughout my life whether in Africa, Europe or the Americas. They have shaped up my creativity, my imagination and helped me become who I am.

Paris is my home town. Sadly for the past thirty five years, it has been the site of terrorist attacks. And yet here we are today celebrating Life and Beauty. The Eiffel tower, also called “The iron lady”, became a symbol of that resilience. It is still proudly standing there, watching over the city.

We all have learned the hard way that the World is not always a safe place but it can be beautiful if we decide so. Art brought me peace and balance. It allowed me to dream and keep an open mind. It helped me to go through difficult times. It gave me hope. It made me stronger, because it enabled me to choose my mind set and stick to it.

Today I’m a free spirit and I am thankful to be able to share with you that energy that is keeping us alive no matter what.


– October 27- November 25, 2011

Williams Tower, Houston, TX

-September 2011

Maison de L’Unesco, Paris 7e, France

January 8 – February 19, 2010

International Art Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina

-10 July – 24 July 2009

Museum of the Americas, Doral (Miami), Florida, US

– March 2006

French Senate, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, France